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Learn Spanish through proven methods

Palteca is the best app to learn Spanish through methods that are fun, engaging, and interactive. Palteca's methods are backed by science.

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Stop Wasting Time With Other Language Learning Apps

Learn how locals actually talk

Many apps teach poorly translated phrases from English-centric phrases. Palteca is 100% in Spanish from Day 1, allowing you to sound more natural.

Learn how to learn a foreign language

Learning Spanish takes time. There are many things you can do to make your time learning more efficient. Palteca offers real-advice on how you can acquire Spanish faster in and out of the app.

Learn how to learn a foreign language

Practice with real world situations

Don’t waste your time learning outdated phrases and unrealistic scenarios. Learn Spanish for real-life situations with regularly updated content with real people.

Learn words that are relevant to you

It would take you 25+ years to learn every word that exists in the Spanish language. With Palteca, you will learn only the words and phrases that are relevant and important to you, and at the right time.

Go at your own speed

Perhaps you are very busy and can’t commit much time, or inversely, you have the entire summer free to learn Spanish. Whatever your case, Palteca’s method works to ensure you learn and retain Spanish for the long-term.

Proven methods. Backed by science

While Palteca is a relatively new app, the science is not. Palteca’s teaching methodologies are backed by dozens of scientific studies, regularly tested and started back over 50 years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palteca is based on many proven methods that have been tested by dozens of scientific studies for over 50 years.

These methods include comprehensible input, spaced repetition, visual mnemonics, and auditory research. Learn more about Palteca’s proven methods to learn Spanish.

Absolutely. You can get started for free with Palteca, without any obligations.

The price depends on the country and currency of where you are located. Generally, the price is approximately $7.99 USD a month, or $74.99 USD a year. For exact pricing, please see the App Store or Google Play.

You may cancel at any time with just the touch of one button through the App Store or Google Play. After the cancelation, the subscription will end at the end of the subscription period.

Palteca is very different from other apps. One of the very first things you will notice is that all of the content is entirely in Spanish, with no translations even on day 1. This is based on the scientific methods on how we acquire language.

Additionally, Palteca offers dozens of tips on how you can learn Spanish faster, in the app and out of the app.

And finally, Palteca is dedicated to teaching just Spanish. Unlike other language learning apps that try to teach dozens, we teach just 1, but we teach it very well. Using words and phrases that make you sound more natural, and not just English translations.

Palteca was created by a founder that spent many years failing to learn Spanish. He had tried literally dozens of different language learning apps, but still couldn’t actually speak Spanish with a native. He then went to understand the science of language acquisition, and became fluent in Spanish using these methods.

Palteca was created to enable people like yourself to use these same exact methods, and not waste years like he did. And this is the same way that you learned your native language, as well as thousands of people becoming fluent each year, so Palteca will work for you.

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