What is Waiter in Spanish?

What is Waiter
in Spanish?

Castilian Spanish



Understanding certain words is crucial when learning a new language like Spanish. In this article we are going to explore what the meaning of Waiter in Spanish. Keep reading to find out more, like: what is the gender of Camarero in Spanish, what is Camarero plural, and how do you pronounce Camarero.

And did you know that sometimes Spanish-speaking countries use different words for the same thing? Find out how to say Camarero in different Spanish countries. Ready? Let’s go!

More about Camarero in Spanish

Camarero is a Masculine noun, using el/los pronouns.

The plural form of Camarero is Camareros.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA): ka.maˈɾeɾo

Phonetically: kah-mah-reh-roh

The word in Spanish from Mexico for Waiter is: Mesero

The word in Spanish from Argentina for Waiter is: Mozo

The word in Spanish from Colombia for Waiter is: Mesero

The word in Spanish from Chile for Waiter is: Garzón

The word in Spanish from Cuba for Waiter is: Mesero

The word in Spanish from Puerto Rico for Waiter is: Mesero

The word in Spanish from Dominican Republic for Waiter is: Camarero or Mesero

How to say Waiter in Spanish?


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